Friday, April 30, 2010

Birthdays and Animation

just a few new things from this week.

remember that "minitaur" I did? I added more bricks- so, I call it done, for now.
being as slow as I am, I missed some birthdays. but, I only did two belated birthday pictures. The lemur belongs to Henrieke ( ), and the boar belongs to Louve (

and, if you can, or cannot notice. I replaced that text at the top of my main blog with an (cruddy) animated banner I made over the past few days. Here's the original version, before I cleaned it up.


Daz said...

I don't think I saw the Kiki one before! Very nice!

And the animation looks good as a banner too, you're the first person I know that's got an animated banner on their blog :D

(I should come on eblogger more)

Amir Avni said...

Your drawings are exceptionally good for 19!

Rose said...

oh golly D:
thank you Daz, and Amir

andre medina said...

your work is amazing!

GhettoFab said...

Thanks for the kind words and visitin my blog.

I wish I had half the understanding of construction that you do. Floored by how well your drawings are executed!

will definately be visiting yer blog!

craig wilson said...

Wonderful work! Great design work!

Blue-Ferret said...

Personally seeing all of your work is really inspirational to me. I am sure you get this a lot and I am not trying to sound "sugar-coated" or anything but I love your stuff.

I love how you play with line weight and style, and ESPECIALLY animation! You really motivate me to work harder on my own stuff when I am not working on Fine Arts poop. Your work is pretty refreshing, keep up teh good work!