Sunday, June 13, 2010

Catching up again

I'm pretty inconsistent with blog posts- I guess I'm just more comfortable with making long image dumps, instead.
First, is a design I did for a PatchTogether contest, in which I did Puss in Boots according to how I loved him in the stories I've read. Also a sketch of him talking to the giant (unrelated to PatchTogether)

I had Muppets on my mind, and had to draw Sam
partially figuring out how to color in a way I enjoyed, I finished a picture up for a friend of mine
I got stuck with Summer School to try and completely -all- my credits, so I tend to play with my brush pen in class. So a re-imagining (is that the right word?) of Charlie and Annabelle from All Dogs Go to Heaven (haven't seen the darn thing in who-knows-how-long). Robin Hood of Disney fame, Charlie again, and Arctic/Forest Animals themed sheets.

then I took to drawing my classmates (and tigers) while half-asleep

Last three, since I wanted to practice drawing from models..

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Late again

old stuff I found while tidying my room, first.
And I've got more interested in doing backgrounds since doing the two Disney gators. So, here's yet another fan art, of a video game character, unfinished, but just playing around with colors.
also, my Nicolas Marlet sketchbook finally came in, hurrah!
and the rest..... A new personal character I made to try and be more experimental, and just trying to practice people and drawing from references.