Sunday, March 21, 2010

finished Figment

seems I'm posting a lot today, sorry about that!
anyway, inked and colored that figment sketch from the previous post

Painting with a rainbow

Lately, I've been on a "Journey Into Imagination" kick and drawing Figments here and there, but I haven't liked the results until today's.
Though I've never really seen the real original ride for myself, when I went to DisneyWorld, I was denied by the chaperones to ride what they thought looked to be 'some childish ride'. I was really only with the chaperones because this was a school trip with the Band, and they got upset at the idea that I went by myself in the first park- but seeing my limitations on the rides I could go to, I had my reasons for doing such. But the image of Figment and the wonderful pins he had for trading just looked so great, I had to look him up online, and found the song and the ride on youtube, and instantly fell in love.

This picture's based on the part of the song where he goes "Oh, oh! Look, Look! A rainbow, I'll use that to paint with!"

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ah! I haven't posted in a while, got a little lazy on the whole updating a blog thing. going to try to keep descriptions short so I don't take up too much space.

I did these squirrel sketches for something we're doing in school.
and then the main sketched inked out.
found one of my favorite pens and drew whatever came to mind- like Paul Williams
Looks like I didn't have as many pictures that I thought I'd have. So, last two are "Of Mice and Men" related, since we're reading it in school- and a drawing of Figment.

Monday, March 1, 2010

And a Work in Progress, too

I nearly forgot.
This is a WIP of what I have so far put together of my drawings for Senior Project in High School. I'm pretty proud of something I don't even fully know what I'm doing.
Sorry that the pencil lines are so light

Senior Project- Squirrel StretchandYawn test, part 1 from Isabelle Smith on Vimeo.
Whoops, I forgot to update for a while, sorry about that.

about a week after the Brushed Inked pictures I did in the last post, the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen that I ordered came in the mail- and I love it. So I decided to poke at what animals do and test my inks with that; otter, rock, and clams= lunch.
The next one's an older picture that I finally found the sketches that I liked a ton to.After reading through Bone a few times and Google-searching a bit of European comics, I wanted to make and draw this little guy. I really love how the head/face came out, and the exaggerated hands, or paws.
Then, I found a wonderful site called ChatRoulette (dare you use it, beware of explicit imagery); and from stealing an idea from , I figured it would be a great opportunity to practice drawing people, I like the end results.
aaand, two more. This is an older character of mine, named Quail. she's a Donkey and Fox mix; of course, my immature sense of humor has dubbed her an AssFox (a classmate of mine said that was funnier than FoxAss). Oddly, I created her before I read BONE; I find this odd because of the way I drew the snout of course, which there was a higher amount of after reading the series. Anyway, after remembering she existed, I thought I'd go back and made a reference/model sheet for here and just do some fun images with my two Pentel brush pens.