Monday, March 1, 2010

Whoops, I forgot to update for a while, sorry about that.

about a week after the Brushed Inked pictures I did in the last post, the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen that I ordered came in the mail- and I love it. So I decided to poke at what animals do and test my inks with that; otter, rock, and clams= lunch.
The next one's an older picture that I finally found the sketches that I liked a ton to.After reading through Bone a few times and Google-searching a bit of European comics, I wanted to make and draw this little guy. I really love how the head/face came out, and the exaggerated hands, or paws.
Then, I found a wonderful site called ChatRoulette (dare you use it, beware of explicit imagery); and from stealing an idea from , I figured it would be a great opportunity to practice drawing people, I like the end results.
aaand, two more. This is an older character of mine, named Quail. she's a Donkey and Fox mix; of course, my immature sense of humor has dubbed her an AssFox (a classmate of mine said that was funnier than FoxAss). Oddly, I created her before I read BONE; I find this odd because of the way I drew the snout of course, which there was a higher amount of after reading the series. Anyway, after remembering she existed, I thought I'd go back and made a reference/model sheet for here and just do some fun images with my two Pentel brush pens.

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