Sunday, March 21, 2010

Painting with a rainbow

Lately, I've been on a "Journey Into Imagination" kick and drawing Figments here and there, but I haven't liked the results until today's.
Though I've never really seen the real original ride for myself, when I went to DisneyWorld, I was denied by the chaperones to ride what they thought looked to be 'some childish ride'. I was really only with the chaperones because this was a school trip with the Band, and they got upset at the idea that I went by myself in the first park- but seeing my limitations on the rides I could go to, I had my reasons for doing such. But the image of Figment and the wonderful pins he had for trading just looked so great, I had to look him up online, and found the song and the ride on youtube, and instantly fell in love.

This picture's based on the part of the song where he goes "Oh, oh! Look, Look! A rainbow, I'll use that to paint with!"

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