Friday, April 30, 2010

Birthdays and Animation

just a few new things from this week.

remember that "minitaur" I did? I added more bricks- so, I call it done, for now.
being as slow as I am, I missed some birthdays. but, I only did two belated birthday pictures. The lemur belongs to Henrieke ( ), and the boar belongs to Louve (

and, if you can, or cannot notice. I replaced that text at the top of my main blog with an (cruddy) animated banner I made over the past few days. Here's the original version, before I cleaned it up.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Image Dump, part 3- The last one

Aaand starting off. Another revisit to an old character. This time, one from two years ago. This is Aliza, who was based off of the Golden-Mantled Tree Kangaroo, and my was to make her more recognizable towards the species she was based on while keeping on aspects on her original look. First picture is her original look, a sketch of the new, and then a finished result.

While sitting in school, I wanted to play around with my brush pens and col-erase pencils for a little bit. No idea why, but the Minotaur came to mind- but since I thought it was a subject not often touched, it was him as a child, instead. He's grown on me, where I want to create a story for him where, I suppose, it shows that transition from Toddler, Child, to a monster; where I tried to cover the toddler and child stages in the sketches below the inked picture.

and the last picture of this Image Dump is a Circus Bear that I did for Bobby's Chiu's contest on sketchoholic yesterday (4/24) with the theme for drawing being "Circus Bear". First time doing something like this (coloring method, and taking part at sketchoholic), I'm quite happy with it all in the end :).

Image Dump, part 2

First off, these two are from a few hours before I left for NYC for a band trip (I didn't find any art supplies. shucks!), and right after I came back from said trip, the day happened to be Easter.
Before heading to bed, I somehow started to think about The Hobbit- so I listened to our LP that went with Rankin/Bass's The Hobbit; and, oh, how I've always loved their version of Gollum, so.
Soon after, I discovered the 1980's series of Astro Boy, or Tetsuwan Atomu, on Youtube and spent a day watching the episodes- oh gosh, so much fun.
I did this for a friend in trade for a Winsor and Newton brush, series 7 size 1 (which I already love)- though, I think I'll try size 2 some time in the future as well. This is a personal character of hers, and she really likes Lupin III, so it went together as such.
Last one for this post is a picture my brother came to me to tell me to make, the little monkey. He approached me and went "can you redraw this for me and make better?". So, I did, I could have kept a ton of stuff the same from his, though.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Image Dump!

While I try to listen to my LPs to Evita playing in the other room, I'll try my best to catch up to my current art. I've been so lazy, and I haven't even post that much, yet!

if you remember that sketch of some Fox I made from a while back- I've decided to name him Fellow, and to use him as graphics in my powerpoint presentation when I presented my Senior Project some weeks ago (which, went well ! :) )

and of course, I saw Dreamworks's How To Train Your Dragon (opening day, too) and I loved it, and I just had to draw some Toothless(es) that resembled cats
Later in the week I streamed myself drawing and some friends gave me the description "silly dragon knight" to draw off of- once the dragon knight was taken care of, they suggested I do reverse roles and put a person there.
last one for now, before I make a new post, to save a little bit on spam
This is a "Dogron", in which HTTYD reminded me that I kind of "had" for a while. The first sketch is a "puppragon" from 2007 (16 years old), and the quadrupedal one is the one that I did recently

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


seems I'm very good at forgetting about my blog- since the last post, I've been a little busy with a trip, senior project (which is done now, thank goodness), and general school work.
Here's a crocodile for Nel in the meantime- in which I'll draw them a better one later