Friday, April 23, 2010

Image Dump!

While I try to listen to my LPs to Evita playing in the other room, I'll try my best to catch up to my current art. I've been so lazy, and I haven't even post that much, yet!

if you remember that sketch of some Fox I made from a while back- I've decided to name him Fellow, and to use him as graphics in my powerpoint presentation when I presented my Senior Project some weeks ago (which, went well ! :) )

and of course, I saw Dreamworks's How To Train Your Dragon (opening day, too) and I loved it, and I just had to draw some Toothless(es) that resembled cats
Later in the week I streamed myself drawing and some friends gave me the description "silly dragon knight" to draw off of- once the dragon knight was taken care of, they suggested I do reverse roles and put a person there.
last one for now, before I make a new post, to save a little bit on spam
This is a "Dogron", in which HTTYD reminded me that I kind of "had" for a while. The first sketch is a "puppragon" from 2007 (16 years old), and the quadrupedal one is the one that I did recently

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