Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Sorry that I haven't posted in a while
I'm just going job and college searching. and getting majorly stressed at the portfolio process, since I decided to look at other people's art- I just do not have enough figure drawing, this absolutely will not do.
It may be a longshot, and it doesn't hurt to try (I hope!)- but I'm applying to Calarts and CCA. (Cali-based schools because my family's moving there).
Do any of you in blogspot land have any critiques to share? I would absoluutely appreciate it.

In the mean time, here's some art:

About a year ago, I made a cat-like creature, gave him small bat wings, and named him Catbat. When it was getting closer to Halloween, I wanted to make a themed picture to go with the season; so, I remembered this character I made and thought he'd fit well. Unfortunately, I drew the full picture at a size that made it uncomfortable for me to shade digitally.

Pages from my moleskine:

remember that broken-down sketch of that fox from a while ago? I found this on my harddrive half-inked, so I finished the inked part.

and, two dragons are fan art- I'm feeling a little ashamed that I do fan art so much.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Master of Procrastination!

thaaat's me!

Thought I'd get this blog stuff out of the way before I get more busy with life. GED test next week, college and job searching, Cali plans, and National Portfolio Day

so, I'll start off with a really silly picture I did really late for a friend's birthday

These next one are silly pokemon drawings I did on they're not the best or most original looking, but they were a ton of inspiration to play with colors and backgrounds more. the first one (and another) is a collab, hopefully my stuff's easy enough to point out

a late lineart commission for a friend

seems I'm on a roll for pokemon and doing pictures for friends- here's a combination of both

a friend and me as our online personalities

Of course, more color and line experimentation, Toothless from HTTYD

studying animals in various ways

and then I got back into Neopets :[  but found neat new coloring tricks in the process

These next two are a Fan Art of two Japanese kids shows that I used to watch (I was born in Japan [American Military Base]). I like to think back to these two shows often for some reason. The first one shown  are the characters from the show "Nico Nico Island"; the second are the characters from "Do-re-me-fa-Donuts"

A while ago, there was something on twitter called MarvelCats, or #mrvlcats, I think it was. These two were my contributions- Black Cat and Spiderman as cats

just recently I went to a local Greek Festival, since there was going to be sitting and people involved I brought my sketchbook to try practicing. I'm still having a bit of a hard time with this

Two commissions:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's really easy to forget

It really is. I'm sorry I constantly forget just so I can post an image dump... once a moth or so?
I suppose it's better than never, huh?

First, this was done for a friend of his cat character.

Then a silly creature I based off of kitten and parakeet ( based on my parakeet, I love my little baby budgie)
I guess this is where the real dumpage of images comes in- now, images I did as commissions to just people online

in which I practice colored lighting
and then I draw a picture for somebody for their birthday

and I finally mess around and/or practice (the rat made an appearance on