Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Sorry that I haven't posted in a while
I'm just going job and college searching. and getting majorly stressed at the portfolio process, since I decided to look at other people's art- I just do not have enough figure drawing, this absolutely will not do.
It may be a longshot, and it doesn't hurt to try (I hope!)- but I'm applying to Calarts and CCA. (Cali-based schools because my family's moving there).
Do any of you in blogspot land have any critiques to share? I would absoluutely appreciate it.

In the mean time, here's some art:

About a year ago, I made a cat-like creature, gave him small bat wings, and named him Catbat. When it was getting closer to Halloween, I wanted to make a themed picture to go with the season; so, I remembered this character I made and thought he'd fit well. Unfortunately, I drew the full picture at a size that made it uncomfortable for me to shade digitally.

Pages from my moleskine:

remember that broken-down sketch of that fox from a while ago? I found this on my harddrive half-inked, so I finished the inked part.

and, two dragons are fan art- I'm feeling a little ashamed that I do fan art so much.


Dorseytunes said...

I really like your fox character. You have such appealing drawings. Thanks for sharing.

mokou said...

hi!! i found your blog through animatedbuzz, i wish you luck on applying to calarts... through the pages of portfolios your art caught my eye, i love it!!

DanteDMC0075 said...