Saturday, April 24, 2010

Image Dump, part 3- The last one

Aaand starting off. Another revisit to an old character. This time, one from two years ago. This is Aliza, who was based off of the Golden-Mantled Tree Kangaroo, and my was to make her more recognizable towards the species she was based on while keeping on aspects on her original look. First picture is her original look, a sketch of the new, and then a finished result.

While sitting in school, I wanted to play around with my brush pens and col-erase pencils for a little bit. No idea why, but the Minotaur came to mind- but since I thought it was a subject not often touched, it was him as a child, instead. He's grown on me, where I want to create a story for him where, I suppose, it shows that transition from Toddler, Child, to a monster; where I tried to cover the toddler and child stages in the sketches below the inked picture.

and the last picture of this Image Dump is a Circus Bear that I did for Bobby's Chiu's contest on sketchoholic yesterday (4/24) with the theme for drawing being "Circus Bear". First time doing something like this (coloring method, and taking part at sketchoholic), I'm quite happy with it all in the end :).


Daz said...

That top one is just unbelievably adorable 8D

Kevin said...

I'm just getting back to your blog. I had to let my eyes recover from the AWESOME!

But the Minitaur speaks to me. If you want to flesh this out any and outline a story, I'm more than willing to lend a hand. Hit me up on my DA or my e-mail on my DA profile. You say the word and I'll get to writing!