Tuesday, May 4, 2010

inks and some sketches

First of all- THANK YOU to all the kind words people left on my last post. I really do appreciate every word; I don't think I can express myself very well on this.
Also, there's so many more blogs I want to set as "follow" (thank goodness for Google Reader for watching so many more blogs for me), but Blogspot has a 300 blog follow limit- 300 is just not enough for all the cool people here!

These are some inked pictures that I've neglected to scan, but had them on my desk for some time (but not too long). Top left is Aliza again while I was thinking of a story for her to test out my new Winsor and Newton brush on animation paper. I've not much to say about the rest; but, if Nel still reads this blog- the croc's for you, as requested. :)

I actually did the sketches last week some hours before I made the animation for the banner (well, the first one, really. The banner was done the next day). Random Nixon head at the bottom since people seemed to like it- it was really just to practice drawing people, so I flipped to a random page in my history book.
I looove doing 'meme's from Deviantart, here's one I did a few days back.
ok, done with that stuff. I did these two yesterday while waiting in the guidance office to finish some paperwork. I really love my brush pen, it's ridiculous.


Blue-Ferret said...

Haha reading about this really shows the life of an artist :1 DOODLING WHEN HE CAN~ I love to doodle! I never post any >.> But hey good stuff on here =>!

*Gasp* I am cool C:?

Ken Chandler said...

Lions and tiger and bears...

Fabulous stuff Izzy! Keep it comin'!