Saturday, February 6, 2010

Practicing drawing felids and people. Still not proud of the way I draw people, but I'm still working on it.
Ignore the whining over PRATT, I was extremely bored at the time, and I guess, that since I was drawing already, my mind wandered back to how mad I was at the guy, though, I'm really not at all.

And of course, more Ditzy Doxies. :)


KennethJ said...

Try not to worry too much what PRATT says about your style, if dug enough into any of the artists' styles that attended you could see their influences. Believe me your style will be perfectly welcome compared to the many aspiring cartoonists that will be beginning just at their first year in college. Never be afraid to emulate a studio's style!

Higgins said...

Hah, surfing dragon! Great! :)

That page filled with mixed human and animal sketches is great. Don't worry too much about what's said now. Your style will evolve and refine itself for the better during college.