Thursday, February 18, 2010

of Doxie looks and pentel brushpen

sorry I haven't posted in a while.
here's some sketches I did for my Ditzy Doxie of what other designs could be used on her -and some angry faces, too.

of course, it's easy to see which one I keep going back to; but that's because I like it.

recently, I've purchased a Pentel Arts Color Brush (Pocket Brush Pen coming towards my way in the mail). And, I have to say, even though I like having a ton of control over my lines, this is very fun to ink with and just overall doodle with loosely.

Very messy sketches, lots of flaws; but as I said, I like the result :)

Two more drawings and I'll be done. for one reason or another, I wanted to draw various critters as unicorn-like versions of the same thing. I think the brush pen really helped give me the effect I wanted

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Higgins said...

Really liking the unigoat. Excellent volume.