Thursday, February 4, 2010

First Post!

 Thought I'd post something in my blog for once- I've never been good at doing journals and the like, so I find this a bit weird.
anyway, first post being of my url's namesake, a ditzydoxie

This next picture was drawn at school recently based off of how some people ask "if you pull on an elephant's tail, does the trunk get shorter?".


William said...

Hehe. Love the idea of the animal alterations. Its a good laugh! And dixy is cute :)

Daz said...

omg those dog sketches are so cute! xD I love the ditzy looking one and the laughing one most! :D

Higgins said...

Holy cow, I love the giraffe! Super facial expression and detail in the head. Very fun stuff.

I will also have to try that trick with camels, should I ever run into one.

Anonymous said...

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