Friday, April 22, 2011

They keep staring at me...

So, first one's a sheet I did for a character design contest to mix a panda with a dog. The contest holder had a preference for akitas and huskies, so I went with akita.

Then I was having a pretty crappy day, so I drew a quick Stitch reading the book I was reading at the time.

 Tried a new coloring style for a friend's birthday.

 Others liked the result of the new coloring style, too. I drew my friend's character "Dog" on a streaming video of myself drawing to show how I did it.

Inks and Copic markers for friend's birthday

Another birthday picture since she was always nice enough to do something for my birthday when I never gave her anything.

another friend wanted a new icon. phew

1 comment:

Blue-Ferret said...

Your art has got a nice life to it! c: Bouncy and cheery~ My favorite is your inked cougar because of your ink techniques. You really captured a nice form with it, wrapping around, especially with the usage of light.

Great stuff, look forward to seeing your future works as always!

P.S.: Those panda/dog designs were a really nice balance~ Didn't seem too pandy like or too dog like in my opinion.