Thursday, February 10, 2011

2011 image dump: part 2

Also, yes. I realize I need to draw less animals and animal-people.

have some pokemon I did last summer that I forgot to scan until now

this was spawned from reading one of the "lesson" sections to "Animated Performance" by Nancy Beiman

A picture I did for Henrieke and Karpour

two quick commissions I did for some guys

and that's the end of the stuff from 2010. onto 2011!

these were done in Colorado around Christmas and on the plane on my way back home.

at this point, I'm tired of writing descriptions for these pictures


mokou said...

akjhsjdkhgdsg raichu i love the rodent pokemon

Ramona said...

These are INCREDIBLE! I love all your animals!

Blue-Ferret said...

You are such a fantastic artist. I have no doubt for you that you'll really strive far in animation or illustration c:! Your work is very inspiring to me, please keep up the wonderful work!